Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visit to a Local polluted site

Visit to a Local polluted site: Nalla Cheruvvu(uppal lake)

Aim & objective: To study the effects of pollutants on Lake ecosystem.


We visited a Lake in Uppal called Nalla Cheruvvu to prepare a document based on our observations which are as follows.

1. Residential sewage is being released in lake waters which are resulting in increased organic matter in lake.

2. Industries which were operating near to the lake are releasing their chemical effluents into lake water because of which a chemical froth is formed in lake.

3. Industries are also releasing harmful gases into atmosphere thus creating air pollution too.

4. Agricultural run-off containing fertilizers and pesticide were found to enter lake.

5. Excessive growth of aquatic plants and algae was observed due to fertilizers which have entered lake thus resulting in Eutrophication of lake.

6. Pesticides along with agricultural run-off must have entered the lake waters and got incorporated in bodies of aquatic animals like fishes resulting in Bioaccumulation and bio-magnification.

7. Bathing of cattle in lake waters was observed.

8. cleaning of vehicles like cars which have resulted in presence of oil in lake.

9. Traditions like immersion of Idols have resulted in increase in turbidity of water.

10. Cremation was also performed near lake which has caused pollution of air, water and soil.

11. Solid wastes like paper and plastics were also found.

12. Solid wastes like paper and plastics were also found.


1. Overgrazing by sheep was observed which causes soil erosion & hence the lake is shrinking every year.

2. Dead fishes were observed which could be due to over fishing as well as presence of oil, detergents, and pesticides in lake water.

3. Upon interaction with nearby people we learnt that drinking water is giving foul taste and odour.

4. Ground water pollution has occurred due to chemical effluents which have seeped into ground.

5. People were contracting Gastro-intestinal diseases and stomach related problems.

Result & conclusion:

Authority must take up clean up operations by establishing sewage and water treatment plant.HUDA must take an initiative to add recreational value to lake.
If proper care of lake is not taken then it may dry up.

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