Friday, October 17, 2008

study of common birds,insects and plants.

1.Aim & objective:
To study the common birds,plants and insects found in our area.

2. Methodology:

The common birds that are found in my locality are cukooo,common house sparrow,parrot,eagle,tufted duck,owl ,strom petrals,Indian robin,great egret,common kingfisher,blue rock pigeon.

The common plants that are found in our area are tamarind,gulmohar,papaya,coconut,babul,banyan,banana.
Plants like hibiscus & datura are also found.

The common insects that are found are earthworms,catterpillers,butterflies,dragon flies,grasshopper,beetles,aphids and worms.

Food chain:
Grass is eaten by insects which are inturn eaten by birds.
This represents a food chain.

3. Conclusion:
Thus our ecosystem shows interaction between different organisms.
Every living organism has a vital role in functioning of ecosystem.

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