Thursday, October 2, 2008

study of simple ecosystem:Pond / Lake

study of simple ecosystem:Pond / Lake

1. Aim and objective: To study a simple ecosysytem Pond / Lake.

2. Methodology:

we visited a lake pond at Ghatkesar and prepared a document as per over observations.

Abiotic components: Temperature,light,inorganic components like caebon,hydrogen,nitrogen,phosphorus,sulpher and calcium.

biotic components:

1. phytoplanktons
2. macrophytes

1. phytoplanktons: algae
spirogyra, oedogonium, volvox, chlamydomonas, anabaena and ulothrix.

2. Macrophytes:

floating plants:
pistia, lemma, azolla and Eicchornia.

submerged plants:
hydrilla, uticularia, ceratophyllum and vallisnaria.

floating leaves:
Lotus and water lilly.


Primary consumers:Zooplanktons
Daphnia, cyclops

secondary consumers:
insects, fish

teritary consumers:
large fish, ducks, herons, cranes, kingfisher

Fungi like Aspergillus and pythium.

3. Result and conclusion:
pond is rich in aquatic flora and fauna.
presently we did not found any pollution caused to the pond.

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